DAGA 2023 - 49. Jahrestagung für Akustik, 06.-09. März 2023

Research in short(s)

Taking place at DAGA on Tuesday, 7 March, 4.20 pm in hall Y4.

This upcoming DAGA will include an entertaining as well as scientific competition. Within this you are invited to present your research in a five minute long talk. The content for which can be research you conducted in your professorship, your advisory activity or any thesis. The aim is a combination of easily understandable, entertainingly and engagingly presented scientific content.
Whoever succeeds best will win prizes again this year.

Your presentation will be evaluated by a panel according to the criteria listed below:

  • Entertaining
  • Understandable for all
  • Scientifically correct

Please take note of the following presets and guidelines for your participation:

There are 15 spots available, for which you can apply with an email to shorts(at)daga2023.de ideally until 14 February 2023. A spontaneous application until the start of the conference is also possible, if spots remain available.
Please include the catchy title of your presentation in the email.

If you prefer your presentations to be spontaneous, you might feel more at home with Power Point Karaoke. Here you get 3 slides on an unknown topic and can cheerfully explain what scientific breakthrough it is.